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Benefits of UV Coating on Printed Materials

Issuing time:2019-09-02 09:09

Today’s UV coatings are made from advanced compounds that aren’t toxic to print shop staff. And there are many other benefits to using this practical finish:

  • UV coating boosts the color of your printed materials, giving them an upscale look without the high price.

  • The glossy finish that the coating provides can be added in any degree you choose, from a sophisticated matte to a bright shine. You can also do spot-coating, adding gloss to only a few elements on the page, to create an enhanced design.

  • UV coating dries almost instantly without the use of heat, which saves energy.

  • The coating resists smudges, marks, and scratches.

  • Coated paper stock can be recycled with mixed waste products.

  • UV coating produces premium-look materials that last longer, giving you a high ROI.

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